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Secondly, we had to introduce a new solution to a big social problem within Japan. The problem we found, was that of lack of money for education. A lot of Japanese people go to Kindergarten and high school, however more than half fail to continue with higher education and university.


This problem, was caused by the fact that the entry exams for Universities was too difficult for people with just the standard education. University, was as it seems only for the rich who could afford to go to special and extra classes.


So we came up with a Youtube educational service which allows everyone to take extra classes. It has some Netflix like features, however also provides interactivity by implementing questions during the lessons and the possibility to get achievements

Lastly, we tried to fit this Youtube Tensai concept in the Chinese context, where education also appears to be a problem. However this solution of online-based learning was not applicable for the Chinese citizens. They have a very low rate of internet penetration.


We therefor introduced a new button within Youtube Tensai, which allowed them to download the course modules to a special Google Nexus E-Reader.

Youtube Tensai is an educational service which was designed during the course "Internationalisation" of the master "Strategic Product design. With a group of 6 students, we were assigned to start a fictional design department in a foreign culture. We as a group decided to start a design department for Google in Japan.


The goal of this entire course was to design products of services specifically adapted to the culture and enviroment of a specific country. Firstly,  it involved redesigning the Google website to the Japanese conventions. We looked at multiple websites and newspapers to find out what kind of website layout was preferred by Japanse, which we then translated into concrete changes to the original Google website: