“Terra Incognita” (an unknown or unexplored land), a photographic series showing nocturnal scenes combining man-made elements with nature. All of the pictures included in the series have been shot in Mount Field National Park, located in Tasmania. Elements found within the picture are meant to portray the increasing presence of human existence all over the world. Nothing in this world is left untouched by humans. The world’s population is increasing and space for the new people is decreasing. Cities are expanding and nothing in its expansion path is left untouched. Soon there will be no space left and everything will have been touched by human hands. No unknown areas left to explore. Even though people search for beautiful and breathtaking nature they never leave it untouched. All of the pictures have a dark and moody feel to them, it is as the elements created by humans are subdued and surrounded by an angry nature. Trees are surrounding the man made subject as if it threatens it and wants it to leave the nature. Besides, a lot of the element in the picture are related to protection or shelter, as if they have to be protected against the dark and moody forest surrounding them. As a note to the above, the pictures were taken without any help of tripods. I’ve worked together with nature to take these pictures, positioning my camera on top of rocks and branches. This way to stay with my opinion that some things don’t need to be supported by man-made products, but are better off just left as they were.


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