This research was an assignment for the course "Research Project" from my "Strategic Product Design" Master. Together with Marco Bonari,  we researched the effects of sustainable packaging design on the taste perception of food. For our research we looked into the effects of sustainable packaging design on the taste perception of orange juice.

We used a between groups experiment (With actual tasting), to investigate this knowledge gap. Scroll down or click on the arrow to get to know more about this research project.


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Sustainability is a growing concern within the food industry. With packaging being a key driver in the purchasing process, a clear increase in the use of eco labelling, sustainable packaging and organic products is visible. This research studies the effects of sustainable packaging design on the taste perception, healthiness perception, willingness to pay, and purchase intention. A between subjects tasting experiment with orange juice was conducted in front of the canteens of two different faculty buildings located on the Delft University of Technology campus. In total 89 participants, divided over two condition groups, were used to find differences between sustainable packaging design and regular packaging design. Independent T-Test results show that sustainable packaging design negatively influences taste, healthiness and quality perception of low quality orange juice. Moreover, sustainable packaging design does not enhance nor decrease the willingness to pay and purchase intention for low quality orange juice. Our implications recommend marketing departments of food retail industries, to avoid the use sustainable packaging design for lower quality food products as it negatively influences taste and healthiness perception.


To get a glimpse of the design of the packages and the setup of the experiment, have a look down below