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Embrace is a delivery service designed for the new brand of Olcay Gulsen; ST. Studio. This assignment was provided by ST. Studio to all of the students of the Strategic Product Design master for the course New Product Commercialization. This assignment consisted of two parts; the analysis phase and the service introduction phase. I worked together with 4 other students to complete this assignment.


In the first part we looked into the company and their portfolio, what were the strengths and weaknesses of ST. Studio as a company. Secondly, we started to analyse the external environment (Porter's 5 forces), who are the competitors (competitor wheels), what kind of delivery services are there. Even-more, we had to look into trends (DEPEST) and developments. This second part led to a list of opportunities and threats. The resulting gap which fitted the strengths of ST. Studio was found:



After a lot of brainstorming and discussing, we found a service combination that could fit perfectly within this gap. But before we started to work on the service introduction plan, we had to position the service as it is. What is it that makes our service different from others? So therefore we positioned our service as:

We decided to do so by keeping trust the base for every customer relationship we engage in with this service.


The final service introduction plan was constructed by the use of the 7P marketing model for services (Product, Place, Price, People, Physical evidence, Promotion, and Process). How embrace works and how it looks will be showed and explained in the following section.


Customers of ST studio can enter a new online environment in the website of ST studio. This new tool is marked in social media and by addressing loyal customers in store. This online environment has a personal page for each individual customer. On this page, the customer can meet her personal styling coach, and make a personal wall of interests. This wall is used by the ST studio coach to collect insights in the customer and create a styling advice that will fit each individual need. If the customer wants to buy the clothes she can make an appointment with the coach and the coach visits the customer to give styling advice and sell clothes that perfectly fit the customer. To connect with the women offline, a magazine is published and delivered every season to the door of the EMBRACE users. This magazine is used as inspiration for the interest wall of the customers, to create awareness of the service and to attract new customers. The advantage of this service is to create long lasting relationships with your customers and make them loyal to the brand.

For the final delivery of this project we had to hand in a working prototype of the service (Invision), a movie explaining the service, and a report. To get a glimpse of it, have a look down below.

The look and feel of the quarterly magazine, to which EMBRACE member have early access.