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Peerby is a new online sharing service, which allows you to place requests for items on their page. People in your proximity will get a message saying you need a specific item. It is up to them whether they lend you the item or not. The whole point of peerby is sustainability and going against the current consumerist and materialistic mindset. It is a free sharing app, which also strengthens the social aspect within certain neighbourhoods.


The problem is though that, because Peerby revolves around sharing for free, they don't make money. So Peerby approaches us Strategic Product Designers for the course Leading Strategic Design to help them out. The assignment was to create a roadmap to a sustainable business model. This assignment was completed together with 4 other TU Delft students.


With the help of a 3 horizons model, we predicted a future for Peerby to move into, namely the trend of no ownership in the far future, together with the trend of re-usability and modular design (circular economy). All of this for the greater good, a sustainable planet.

Presented below is the final roadmap, which covers the next 30 years, and what Peerby  will have to do to go and make money. Our idea was to start making money with "Shared Buying" which allows users to buy collaboratively. This way they can buy equipment which they might only use once for a lower price. Peerby can get money from partnerships with certain stores.


The second step would be to start making your own webshop where the "shared buying" is built in. You can price the products in detail to the requirements of the groups of buyers.


The final step would be to start making Peerby products, which are high quality and have a modular design, so that they last a lifetime!