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KLM Uncloud is an online private platform which exchanges and shares flight safety data between the Operational managers and the flight safety department. KLM Uncloud is the result of a 10 week "Design Strategy" projects, which was one of my Master courses. The project has been made together with three other TU Delft students.


The project initially focussed on the flight safety department, which stated that they felt like their information was not really used by the Operational Managers, who make the decisions regarding the flight procedures.


We quickly discovered that before we could tackle this problem, we would have to talk to the Operational Managers. This step in the process ended up to be crucial since we found the source to the problem.

Through the use of creative workshops with the operational managers, we found that the amount of data they receive from multiple department is just too much. The main problem is that they have to study 300 pages of incoherent and unstructured data, which was described to be an impossible task.


On the other hand, the flight safety department wanted to have more insight into what was done with the data they provide the operational managers with. This problem was also found in one iconic "before-during-after"-diagram made by one of the operational managers (see figure below). It shows that a lot of work is done before and during the meeting, however nothing is really done or communicated about afterwards.


We as a group then decided that we wanted to create transparent communication wherein understanding can clarity are the basis for a pleasant working experience and synergy on behalf of flight safety.



To create transparency we implemented a 3, 30, 300 principle, a feedback system and shiftted from push to pull communication. The 3, 30, 300 principle is actually similar to a drill down. This method however had never been applied within the field of flight safety before.


Uncloud enables the stakeholders within the flight safety process to read only the information which they need. Instead of going through 300 pages and e-mails, they can filter the data and zoom in on specific interesting elements. To see a glimpse of how the app works, you can see the slideshow below.


For this project, we also made a Minimal Viable Product, within adobe Edge Animate. The concept is currently not online any more.

KLM was very pleased with the final result, as were we as a group. For the final day, we had to pitch our idea to the board. For presentation purposes, we made a small brochure about KLM Uncloud (download), a small keychain, a animation video, and poster.