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The jewel case is known by many, and has also been redesigned by many. But still, the jewel case (Transparent CD-cases) persists to be used as the main way to package CD's.


The product is called the "jewel-case", by it's inventor, because of it's perfect design. In my opinion, it is far from perfect. The slink wrap around it is terrible to remove. Opening the case itself feels like opening lift doors with your bare hands and finally the product is very unsustainable.


Therefor I choose to use a biodegradable material, which could also be produced in large quantities. The material I choose is Cocoform, it is the combination of a natural latex and the coconut coir. Coconut coir is actually percieved as waste by many companies, however the fibers are really strong and can be used in multiple ways.

The manufacturing process used for making products is with heated moulding machines. This allows for higher production volumes which makes this material solution even more interesting.


The solution I propose is a very thin, protects against all the external factors, during packaging, transportation and in the shops. To prevent theft and the use of slink wrap a tear of strip is made on the right side. The design is squeeze based, so no need to open the package. The nice part about the design is, that if you're done listening to the songs on the CD's you can reuse the CD for other files and throw the package in the backyard, where it will live for about a month before being digested by nature.