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For the final delivery we had to hand in one poster and one movie explaining what our final result was. The poster and movie are presented below:

Reinventing the visual style of Garmin was part of a group assignment (with three other TU Delft students). For the course "Brand and Product Strategy", our job was to choose a company of which we want to change the brand and product strategy.


We choose Garmin because of the following reasons. Firstly, they did not have any unified product or design language, making their product portfolio very incoherent. Secondly, with their main source of income being GPS, and the rise of the mobile phones, we saw a big threat towards their main source of income. Lastly, quick research showed us some worrisome figures regarding Garmins' stock. It has dropped 50 percent in the last two years.

With the rise of the wearable, fitness trackers and action cam, we saw Garmin tried to rush their way into these market to get their share of the booming markets. The problem is, as can be seen above, there is no coherence in these newer product lines.


As a company with a lot of heritage and always having a business like design language, it is hard to all of a sudden change their markets. So our advice was to improve their corporate identity  and website focussing purely on booming markets. Having a fresh and active visual appearance just as the product categories which they are trying to sell.


The visual identity proposed was far more in line with the more active and sportive market they are trying to reach. An in detail view of the visual identity can be found below: