This research was an assignment for the course "Context & Conceptualisation" from my "Strategic Product Design" Master. The idea was to research the missing element of the Business Model Canvas (a much used business model generation tool) with regard to e-businesses. The aim of my research was, how to improve the business model canvas by combining it with other business model ontologies. You can read the abstract and full paper down below.


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This paper aims to find an optimal business model canvas which can be used to construct and deconstruct the business models of online video streaming services. In order to do so, the element in internet business models which distinguishes the e-business from regular business models (BM’s) is attempted to be framed. A BM deconstruction of a well-known video streaming service (Netflix) will be constructed in two different frameworks (business model canvas and e3-value business model). The aim is to pinpoint exact blind spots regarding e-business modelling within the business model canvas (BMC). Found was that the BMC lacks in depth information about an e-business’ infrastructure and completely misses a clear overview of value exchanges between elements. These blind spots are translated in concrete adaptions for the BMC. The final model includes value-exchanges and has seven building blocks instead of the original nine building blocks of the original BMC.


See the original BMC of the Netflix, the original e3-value ontology and the resulting combination of both below.